Why Elementary School Homework Isn’t Beneficial for Kids

Several debates are going on about the importance of homework to students. It also extends to pupils in elementary schools. Generally, the popular question has been, “should kids have homework?”

The debate surrounding this topic has caused a general questioning of the purpose of homework for elementary school kids.

Many people still wonder if there’s any need or benefit of assigning homework in elementary school. Based on several ongoing conversations, pupils lack nothing when they don’t do homework. Several people believe that homework has more of a negative than positive impact on pupils. You’ll have to continue reading to know more about why elementary school assignments are thought to be of no benefit.

Does homework in elementary schools have any impact?

If you are wondering, “do kids need homework?” The response is no. Many academics believe that elementary school homework does not play any vital part in a pupil’s performance. The only time homework starts playing any relevant part is towards the middle school– high school stage of a child’s life. As a result, many educational bodies are devising new homework policies that exclude elementary pupils from doing homework.

Homework policies for elementary schools

The homework policy for elementary schools regulates against giving kids homework. Instead of encouraging teachers to give kids homework, educationists agree that there are better options to improve learning in pupils. This new strategy effectively improves their learning streaks better than homework can.

This new streak is referred to as the self-selected reading literacy program. It can be organized in schools, at home, and anywhere kids are gathered. Kids learn faster through reciting and being read to faster than homework.

At such a young age, kids require a method of learning that boosts their speaking, listening, and reading skills. They mostly learn through imitation at this point. To ensure this policy is carried out, this must happen:

  • Teachers have to focus attention on reading to pupils.
  • Pupils should be taught using visual educational devices.
  • Better homework help for elementary students involves parents’ participation in reading and encouraging them to interact.
  • Kids can be engaged in other learning activities that are not homework, like excursions, exhibitions, and recreational activities.

Effects of giving pupils homework

Here are some of the notable effects of giving elementary kids homework.

  • It takes away time for practical learning: Homework steals valuable time pupils would have spent learning other helpful things. At this stage, learning is more practical, which means that instead of answering questions, pupils should be practicing.
  • Kids are less happy: Homework makes no one happy, and kids are included. When they are constantly dealing with one homework or another, it builds frustration, stress and makes them grumpier.
  • It takes away rest time: Kids should prioritize rest at this stage. But, having homework to do takes away that. Having enough rest energizes them to be productive in school.
  • Lack of time for non-school activities: Since it has no practical educational benefits at this stage, it takes away time that would have been spent on personal activities. Kids need time to be kids and indulge in other kid stuff, and assignments take that away.
  • Additional stress on parents: The reliable homework help for elementary students at this stage is usually from parents. Dealing with the burden of school assignments adds additional stress on parents.
  • Pupils don’t learn from it: Since parents mostly do the homework, the pupils hardly learn anything from it.
  • Pupils start disliking school: The last thing teachers want is for pupils to lose interest and dislike school. But this is possible when they’re not given breaks at an early age.
  • It builds a false idea of responsibility: Since parents bear the burden of forcing kids to do their assignments, then the primary cause for the assignment is lost.


At an elementary stage, kids require creative ways of learning, and bombarding them with a lot of homework doesn’t help. Choosing creative learning over homework grows their knowledge faster than homework could.

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