Average Amount of Homework in High School: Is It Too Much?

Homework is seen as part of the fulfillment of every academic activity. Teachers give students homework with the purpose that they’ll research and broaden their knowledge. But, some others view homework as an academic menace—it does not allow students time to exist outside of learning.

There are many opinions about homework, and most of them apply mainly to high school homework. There’s a growing question about the acceptable number of assignments for students. What is the average amount of homework in high school based on research? Is the average number too much for students? These are some of the popular questions developed from the homework debate.

Is homework beneficial for highschool students?

The debate about whether or not students should be given homework is nuanced. Homework has its benefits for students. While it might not be beneficial to elementary schools, it has some advantages for high school students. Below are some of its importance to high school students:

  • It improves their research skills
  • It encourages them to learn and discover new things
  • It teaches students problem-solving skills
  • Students play a part that impacts their educational process
  • It gives students a chance to revise schoolwork
  • It deepens students’ knowledge of a particular subject

Aside from the benefits, it also has consequences on the part of students. They include:

  • Not all homework is beneficial to students
  • It takes away downtime from school
  • Students don’t get enough rest
  • Students are always preoccupied with school, even at home
  • It builds irritation and frustration
  • It causes mental stress to students
  • It can be challenging

Homework policies for high school

In high school, some policies regulate the number of assignments teachers can give to students. These policies rule against too much homework high school activities. Some of the homework policies that apply to high school homework are:

  • Districts, schools, and teachers reserve the sole responsibility to ensure the total amount of homework students receive does not exceed the 10-minute rule.
  • Homework is the responsibility of students and not their parents.
  • Students should make an effort to complete every assignment.
  • Teachers should schedule an average amount of time students need to complete assignments.
  • Teachers must provide homework guides to students at the beginning of each course.
  • Schools should monitor all teacher’s assignment guidelines

There are so many homework policies that apply to high school students. All of which influence how students should be given homework, how they should do it, and how much they need etc. But the one that regards the average time spent on homework is mainly violated; most students get up to 2-hours of homework.

Why does high school have so much homework?

It’s almost impossible to find a high school student who isn’t exhausted by the amount of schoolwork and homework they have to do. Students return home every weekend with over 2-3 homework assignments, which take up a portion of their weekends unless they buy homework online.

Schools and teachers have a reason to justify so much high school homework. They see it as a grooming process for students. Also, there are so many subjects in high school, including AP classes. Therefore, teachers give students a lot of home as a preparatory strategy for college.

Do teachers assign too much homework?

Yes. Teachers are often in the habit of giving students too many assignments. From personal to group assignments. The question becomes, “how much homework in high school is required?” Popular opinions agree that one homework per week is enough for students.

If teachers can cut down on the amount of homework they give students, this will, in turn, improve their learning potential. But, when students have to deal with schoolwork regularly, rest becomes difficult, which affects academic performance.


It’s impossible to erase the presence and importance of homework in high school. Students can be given homework, but the average amount should also be reduced to benefit students.

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