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While we all can't afford the tuition at a university such as Case Western Reserve University, there are other good choices here in Ohio:

If you're interested in becoming a professional chef, you could enroll at a local culinary arts school. Most culinary schools graduate students in just one or two years, then the student is placed in an internship program at a restaurant where they practice and perfect the techniques they've learned. If you enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen, becoming a chef might work out well for you. Find out more about culinary arts training.

Many of the colleges in Ohio will offer online classes to go with their classroom learning. Most students appreciate the convenience these online courses offer. These online courses are typically first and second year or introductory coursework, most junior and senior level classes are still delivered in the classroom. Check out university courses

And for students who already have their bachelor's degree, graduate degree programs are available for almost any type of career field in Ohio. You can enroll in master's programs in sciences, business or even law enforcement.

If you are considering leaving Cleveland to attend school, one state to consider is Wisconsin. Besides a university in Milwaukee such as Marquette University, there are also a group of solid public schools scattered around the state. See some colleges you may be interested in attending.


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